The latest in video technology, 360° video! The past couple of years we have seen virtual reality becoming affordable by simply using our phones. Along with some help like Google’s Cardbox kit, or the just announced release date of the $600 Occulus Rift, 360° video seems like something we might dive into for future mountain bike videos.

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I honestly have not experienced these devices myself, but now I’m thinking I should at least buy the cheap cardboard kit that goes for around $10 online. Just the other day a friend of mine posted a 360 video in which you are actually able to move your phone around for a virtual reality experience. I was blown away! It is truly a magical thing, and all I could think was “I wish I had a cardboard kit with a spinning chair for a full experience”. Watch the video below and try it out with your phone, you can also do it on a computer by clicking and dragging, not as fun but effective.

Becoming the news using 360° journalism

Flying over glaciers, hunting with eagles, entering a war zone…this was the year #360video teleported you anywhere in the world to become the story.Move/tilt your phone around and see if you can name all the places in this video!

Posted by RYOT on Friday, November 27, 2015

Just a couple of days after I read about the new Nikon KeyMission 360° action camera, I watched this video. This is what made me think that this could be fun for filming mountain bike rides, if it worked the same way. I’m pretty sure that whatever they used in the video is something way more expensive, and one can only be hopeful. The KeyMission uses only 2 lenses, so that means each lens has a 180 degree view, which is super wide. I watched a sample video of it and noticed a lot of distortion on the corners. Not too many details about it except that is 4K capable, 30m (100ft) water resistant, shock proof. At first I didn’t make much of it, and thought it would be cool for some people. This camera is something I would really consider if it were capable of a virtual reality feature like the one in the video above. I think that is the only thing that would make it special. download (1)

GoPro has been in the game for a long time now, and Nikon has beaten them to the punch. Although, there has been talks about them purchasing a virtual reality company, so hold on to your wallets and see if they can offer something similar or better. For now GoPro aficionados, stick with the $745 360Heros Pro10HD 360° holder (Not including the 10 GoPro’s needed for it to work).



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