The day after New Year’s day 2016, I had set the alarm to 6:30am to have ample time to make it to my first ride of 2016 at Fairland. I woke up thinking “Why in the world did I schedule the ride so early” but anyways, after snoozing the alarm a couple of times, off I went to get my gear ready. As soon as I stepped out of my home, and looked at my car covered in frost, I thought, well great, trails should be frozen! Man was it cold, I had to get a coffee to get the day going. I made it to the park, and waited for all the riders to arrive. We started out on our ride, 5 of us. The trails were somewhat moist from the 2 weeks of rain we’ve just had, but overall in acceptable conditions, not frozen yet. We averaged 9.4mph, doing the whole park in 1 hour moving time.

Jan2 Rides-2We finished earlier than I thought, so I waited for the other group to arrive. The weather didn’t feel as cold anymore, thanks to the first loop we did. As everyone started arriving, I took a few shots. I was surprised that 16 people signed up! I knew it was going to be a great ride. There were new faces as well, which is always good. We rode off and had a good pace going. We kept stopping and regrouping. There was quite a few number of hikers out enjoying the trails as well. As we we came to a climb, I heard a snap behind me. Yup you guessed it, a chain snapped. We then got the pit crew going, thankfully we had a quick link and had the bike fixed in no time. After that small incident, we had no problems at all. Everyone was having fun, I think, ha! We finished up and I did a total of 18ish miles.


Now I went to get some fuel before heading to Annapolis to meet Josh for a road ride before the Christmas lightJan2 Rides-26s on the bay at Sandy Point Beach closed down for the season. I went home and got my road bike and headed out. We started out not really knowing the route. Josh had loaded it on his phone, and kept looking at his phone which made me nervous due to all the traffic going by. A few missed turns and what not, we enjoyed the ride. We made it to a spot in which we had a great view of the bay bridge. I told Josh to take a picture of and my “love”, which it turned out nicely. We then headed to Downtown Annapolis for some coffee like true roadies do. We then wrapped it up completing 22 something miles. I already felt pretty weak in the legs. but we headed to our cars and then towards the meet spot for the lights ride.

We arrived and waited for everyone. Scott arrived with his girlfriend. It was good to see him since he had been injure in the MOCO Epic due to breaking his hand. We got ready to roll and boy was it frisk. We got on a lonely dark road and rode 2 miles to the entrance of the park. We arrived and rode through the display, fooling around and taking pictures as usual. It got too cold and decided to bail on the second loop we were already on.
Jan2 Rides-31 Jan2 Rides-35

That concludes my first ever blog post. A full day of riding! I hope this motivates others to post, and gives people an idea of what to share. I’m sure we have plenty of things to write about, and have fun in the process! I know I did, thanks for reading.

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