Welcome to our blog site. Where we share our thoughts, experiences, and many things about the great sport of mountain biking and cycling in general. Little by little we will be filling the page with useful content. This website has been built so we can have an archive of the things we love to discuss and learn about. If you have been a member for a while and post on our Facebook page often, please feel free to ask for posting rights, the more the merrier! As of now we’re just a handful that will be creating content. Thanks for stopping by to read!IMG_0138

Latest Posts

What’s in your Camel Back?

Most of us regular mountain bikers have very similar items in our packs.  Whether the items are scattered on the bike (i.e. seat pack, or the new Specialize SWAT stuff), or like most of us, in our Camelbaks.  So what do most of us carry and why?  Well, the why typically comes from the experience… READ MORE

360° Video

The latest in video technology, 360° video! The past couple of years we have seen virtual reality becoming affordable by simply using our phones. Along with some help like Google's Cardbox kit, or the just announced release date of the $600 Occulus Rift, 360° video seems like something we might dive into for future mountain bike… READ MORE

Winter Mountain Biking Preparation

Winter Mountain Biking Suggestions! With winter finally setting in, and this new awesome blog, I thought it might be good to revisit some things to help deal with winter mountain biking.  I compiled this list last year from my past experiences, some other riders suggestions,  as well as some stuff I saw on the internet,… READ MORE
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